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Quality Time

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Getting More Investments from Customers

A look at our objective during an Investment interview. Help your team get better at starting conversations with the member about the bigger picture when it comes to investing and retirement.

Materials: Flip Chart Paper, Markers

Time Needed: 22 Minutes

SME 0706-01


Get Togethers

A look at why we book appointments or 'get togethers' and the benefits to the customer and the salesperson.
Materials:                 Flip Chart, Markers, Handout
Time Needed:          20 Minutes
SME 0405-02

Introduction – (1 Minute)


Why Do They Buy?

Identify the top reasons why our customers buy from us and how we can even further the effectiveness of those reasons.

Materials:                 Flip Chart, Markers
Time Needed:          18 Minutes
SME 1004-02


Case Study: Dead Air

Reinforce to the team that the starting point in all cross selling opportunities begins with getting clients talking and that they should recognize opportunities to do so.



Make sure everyone is clear on the importance and process of booking appointments.

Materials: Flip Chart, Markers, Handout
Time Needed: 20 Minutes

SME 1107-02
Introduction – (1 Minute)