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Psychology of Selling

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Winning On The Phone

Increase the sales teams confidence on the phone by having a plan, preparing a script and how to control the conversation.


Why Do We Work Here Anyway?

Have the team review the positives about working where they do and to lead them to the conclusion that there is a good reason why goals need to be constantly increasing.

Materials: Flip Chart, Markers

Time Needed: 20 Minutes

SME 0407-02


Why Be Proactive

Reinforce to the team the need to be proactive with clients and not just “order-take”.
Materials:        Flip Chart, Coaching Notes
Time Needed:    25 Minutes


What Do Products Do?

Reinforce to your team that people do not buy products, they buy solutions to problems.
Help them to clearly link life event challenges and frustrations that their clients are having with the right product.


Sales Bigotry

Remind the team about the dangers of prejudging people when selling.
Help the team spot times when they might be prejudging a client so they can be better prepared next time it happens.

Materials: Flip chart, markers
Time Needed: 24 Minutes