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Psychology of Selling

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Using Motivation Self-Assessment excercise we will take look at what motivates us as individuals, how can we help and motivate one another and ourselves.


Mental Preparation

Help your team with learning ways and seeing the importance of being mentally prepared for their workday. With having postive expectations and mentally preparing themselves to win, they will see a improved change in their performance.
Materials:  Flip Chart, Markers


Mental Ownership

In this meeting you are going to help staff focus on good interviews and presentations that build value and mental ownership in the mind of the client.

Materials:                 Flip Chart, Markers
Time Needed:          22 Minutes
SME 0604-02


Managing Rejection

Rejection is inevitable, help your team in this meeting to make a plan on how to manage rejection.

Materials:Flip Chart, paper & pens; COACHING NOTES

Time Needed: 20 minutes


Gaining Commitment

How do we gain committment from our customers? Here we will look at the importance of Mental and Financial ownership to help make closing easier.