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Follow-up and Referrals

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The Internal Referral

Taking a look at scenarios for professional internal referral or hand off of a customer from one service provider in your company to another.

Materials:                 Flip Chart, Markers
Time Needed:          20 Minutes
SME 0504-02


Outgoing Calls – Inactive Customers

The purpose of this meeting is to design a script for our team and help them prepare to target our "inactive customers".

Materials:              Flip Chart, Markers
Time Needed:       25 – 30  Minutes
SME 0202 – 02

Introduction -  (3 Minutes)


Next Steps

In this meeting we are going to go over ideas on how we can make follow up easier for us as well as more effective.

Materials:  Flipchart, Markers
Time Needed: 25 Minutes
SME 0604-01

Introduction – (1 minute)


Get More Word of Mouth Advertising

Through discussion and review in the meeting we will look at how and why we ask for referrals.


Asking for Referrals

Look at the ways of getting referals, the effectiveness and degrees of dificulty. Looking at their comfort level and getting them to go to the next level of 'difficulty' to increase referrals.