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Outgoing Call Script

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Type: Outgoing Call Script
Topic:  High Balance, Low Interest Bearing Account

The motivator for the client to do something with these funds is going to be their desire to have their money work harder.

Sample Script

Introduce yourself and the Company
• Good morning Mr. Client, it's Bob calling from ABC Bank.

Benefit Statement
• I was just going through a balance report and noticed that you have a larger than usual balance in your xyz account and it is really not earning you much money at all – at least not as much as you could be making.

Get Permission to Talk
• Do you have quick minute to discuss whether or not we can help you earn more money on those funds?

Ask Questions to Get Acknowledgement of Problem
• I appreciate that - I'll be brief, so tell me are you ok with the amount of money you are making on those funds?
 No
• Well depending on your plans for the money, I'm confident we can get it earning more for you – so if you let me know a little about when you will need to have access to this money, or what it is for, I can make some recommendations as to the best products that will earn you the most for your situation – what are your plans for the money?

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